Changing the associated directory for your Azure Subscription

This is a short post for all of you who did the same mistake as me when signing up for my Azure Subscription. You named it something stupid like aebtd01, with the result that whenever you login, the URL for your subscription is Actually, it’s no big deal, but it’s a bit annoying.


The process is actually quite easy. Go to the Microsoft Azure Active Directory and add a new directory. This time, just give it a better name.


Then, go to Settings, and mark the subscription you want to change, and click Edit Directory.


Then choose the newly created directory, and click Next


On the confirm page, verify that there is no problem regarding co-administrators, and the click Finish


When the change is done (takes about 5 seconds), click OK, and the webpage will refresh.


Finally, check that the URL is correct, and you are done



  1. I did made this changes, however just wanted to know once we change the default directory of a subscription to a new directory, does the users under the new directory get access to this subscription by default or are there any changes required?

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