MS Exam 70-347: Enabling Office 365 Services

This is the second exam in the MCSA track for Office 365

Exam Home page is located at

Please note that the Microsoft Cloud is constantly changing and improving, so some of this content may be outdated or points to websites that no longer exists. Therefore, make sure to check the official exam home page to get up to speed before taking the exam. I’m trying to keep these lists updated, but please send me an email with any missing content 🙂

This exam is divided into four main categories

  1. Manage Clients and End-User Devices tests you in management of user-driven client deployments, IT deployment of Office 365 ProPlus, set up telemetry and reporting, and planning for Office clients.
  2. Provision SharePoint Online Site Collections is testing you on external user sharing, SharePoint Site collection creation and planning a collaboration solution.
  3. In Configure Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online for End Users you are tested on configuring additional email addresses for users, create and manage external contacts, resources and groups, configuring personal archive policies and configure Lync end-user communication settings.
  4. On the last topic, Plan for Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online, you are tested on Managing antimalware and anti-spam policies, recommend a mailbox migration strategy, planning for Exchange Online and manage Lync global external communication settings.

Some general links that’s good to have knowledge about

Manage Clients and End-User Devices

Manage user-driven client deployments

Restrict self-provisioning of Office 365 ProPlus, Windows Store Apps and Mobile Apps, activation/revoke activation, and Office for Mac

Manage IT deployments of Office 365 ProPlus

Manage deployment, manage streaming updates, use the Office deployment tool, and customize deployment

Set up telemetry and reporting

Enable telemetry through Group Policy, set up telemetry service, report user issues, and deploy agent

Plan for Office clients

Configure Outlook, Skype for Business client, Office Online, and click-to-run versus MSI; check configurations using the Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT)

Provision SharePoint Online Site Collections

Configure external user sharing

Enable globally, enable per site collection, share with external users, and remove external user access

Create SharePoint site collection

Set SharePoint Online site collection administrator, set resource quota and warning level, configure public website, set storage quota for site collection, and configure name and URL of site collection

Plan a collaboration solution

Yammer versus newsfeeds, coauthoring, Project Online, access files across multiple client devices (for example, migrate files to SkyDrive Pro), Excel services, Visio services, App Store, and the need for enterprise eDiscovery

Configure Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online for End Users

Configure additional email addresses for users

Change default/reply to address, bulk add/remove for new domain, manage secondary email aliases, and SIP addresses

Create and manage external contacts, resources, and groups

Create and manage resource mailboxes, create shared mailboxes, create external contacts, assign additional email address to contacts, create and manage distribution list and members, and delegate permissions

Configure personal archive policies

Enable personal archive for mailboxes, create custom retention policy, create retention tags, apply retention policy to mailboxes, and review and modify default retention policy

Configure Lync end-user communication settings

Turn off non-archived features for compliance, configure presence, available services, and configure per user external communication

Plan for Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online

Manage antimalware and anti-spam policies

Release quarantine, configure SPAM confidence level, configure white and black lists, and configure notifications

Recommend a mailbox migration strategy

Staged, cutover, hybrid, and IMAP

Plan for Exchange Online

Plan client requirements for archive, manage e-discovery, enable Legal hold, configure OWA access, and configure ActiveSync

Manage Lync global external communications settings

Enable external access, manage domains, manage public IM connectivity, customize meeting invitations, and disable push notification service


  1. Pretty good my man! Pretty good! Be interested to know whether the exam questions are well balanced across the criteria or whether they go into depth with certain parts. Due to take the exam next month, so the information is very useful!

    1. Hi Dan,

      I cannot go in details because of the NDA, and I don’t want to misguide you since it is several months since I took these exams and it has most likely changed since then.

      But what I remember is that they were surprisingly deep, and some of the questions were very detailed.

      A general tip when it comes to Microsoft Exams these days: Know your PowerShell 😉

      Best of luck next month, and please tell me how it went 🙂

  2. That’s ideal mate, I really appreciate the tip :). It’s good to know that its worth spending extra time on each part rather than guessing and spending too much time on certain bits lol 🙂

  3. Really very helpful resources Anders. Thank you so much! So how many days you spent preparing for the exam? How many days of preparation usually required for the exam on average?

    1. Hi,

      I spent about a month for the O365 exams, but then I had some experience with the underlying technology from the past.
      If it’s something I’m new to, on average I would spend 30 – 40 study hours to pass on the exam. Other times, I can spend half the time.

  4. Thanks again Anders! I passed 70-367 yesterday, and can now call myself an MCSA office 365. Your study guides have really been a great help 🙂

  5. I would just like to say “thank you” for taking the time out to put this and the other article for 70-346 together.

    Your blog has filled the void of training material available for the Office 365 MCSA certification by bringing the most relevant links together. This has enabled me to find the right information for setting up my test lab and passing both exams on the first attempts.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hi Anders, I agree with Linda on the borntolearn post.

    Upcoming monday I hope to certify for the 70-347 and, whatever the result might be, your posts did help me a lot!

  7. I’m preparing for the exam as well, but I found the videos on microsoftvirtualacademy a little outdated. I hope this won’t be a problem for the exam?
    Or are there updated resources available at the moment?

    1. Hi Pieter,

      I don’t believe it will be that mush of a problem. It’s mostly limits that have changed, and there is some new functionality.
      The foundation of the services is basically the same.

      I would have read about both old and new limits and features, that way any trick questions would be easier to understand.


  8. Hello,
    I am preparing to give 70-346 exam first, are there PS scripting questions in this (346) exam or can I skip PS until I start preparing for 347. Please throw some light, I am confused.

    1. Hi!

      According to the Skills measured list, there could be PowerShell questions in both exams.
      When that’s said, NEVER EVER skip PowerShell, as it’s a real life savior when working with almost any Microsoft Solution 🙂


  9. Hi Anders,

    Scope of exam in “Plan for Office clients” area has now slightly changed. “Office on Demand” has been removed, as MS discontinues it as solution, and instead we are now expected to show understanding of “Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT)”.


  10. i passed the exam.. i passed. i passed. i passed. i passed.. i studied like a madman! and i passed…. no exp. with O365.. took me 10 days.. of studying about 10 hours per day…hahahahah

    1. Hi Han,

      I’m painfully aware of this, and trying to get them updated as fast as I have spare time.
      In the mean time, please use the redirection links that’s available on most Microsoft sites.

      Until then, my apologies for any inconvenience this gives you


  11. that is quite a lot too absorb. when you click one link, it leads to at least 20 more. It is a shame that there is no laid out solid foundation of what needs to be covered when studying. it is a guessing game. this is a pain in the neck for people who want to acquire the certification but can’t get hands on, because really there is no real low budget way to setup a home lab for this. i just failed the exam 70-347 with a score of 634. that means i missed it by 3.5 questions. it had 54 questions on the test. i guess i’ll have to memorize the powershell commands. although i know for sure in the work environment i’ll have a text file with powershell scripts that i’ll use as a frame of reference on things i’ll need to do. Sharepoint online, lync ports, etc.. migration scenarios.. SCCM or Group Policy.. Microsoft has many contradictory information laid out on there links.. not sure what to study or what to absorb..because when get in and take the exam..they will throw you for a loop.. you’ll have to be a walking encyclopedia to pass this exam.. I wish i had a photographic memory like that guy in the show “Suits” .. gosh dang.. what a nightmare… i’m friggin studying my ass off.. and i really hate that questionare that microsoft asks you before you take the exam about your knowledge.. and how long you have been working with O365.. i think they may rearrange the exam.. on how you answer those intitial survey questions.. Nightmare.. this exam.. stick a fork in me, because i’m done

    1. Hi Sluggy,

      I hear this a lot, and I must agree with you that these exams might seems a bit harsh. It’s a lot to memorize!

      In regards to hands-on lab, you may sign up for as many trials of Office 365 that you need. I have lost count of how many I have had.
      If you are a Microsoft Partner, you may also use to create your lab. This way you get a 90-day trial, and optionally packed with content.

      Don’t give up! It feels great when you finally pass 🙂


  12. Hi Anders

    I will be sitting the exam in January.

    I manage Office 365 services on a regular basis but I am slightly concerned when it comes to Powershell.

    I couldn’t see any articles above which were Powershell related?

    1. Hi! In the general links section at the top, you will find some resources that describe how to mange Office 365 services with PowerShell. I see that I need to update the skills measured details in this reading list, since it has changed some since I first wrote it. If you look at the homepage for the exam, you can see that PowerShell are mentioned in almost every section.

      Thanks for making me aware of this change 🙂


      1. Hi anders, you see, what I struggled the most was in the section of the exam where you are given around 8 different power shell commands and there’s only one accurate response and the options remain the same for around 5 or 6 questions.
        Do you know where I can study this part??


      2. Hi Mariano, At the top of this page there is a short “General Links” section with some PowerShell Resources. The best way to study these is to look at the PowerShell commands that match what you learn from the GUI tasks. For example bulk changing email addresses, work with SharePoint sites, etc.


  13. Hi Anders,

    Thanks a lot for putting all these resource links together ! Was really helpful and I’ve just passed my second exam to achieve MCSA: O365 !!

    Will start to explore your Azure 70-53x resources next 🙂


    1. Thanks for the nice feedback Laziz. Really glad that I could help you, and good luck on the next exam 🙂

      Please don’t hesitate getting back to me if you find anything that could be improved

  14. Just scored 810 today 🙂 Thanks Anders for the links provided….took about 70-80 hours of studying, but I finally get my MCSA

  15. Hi Anders,

    Great work with 70-347 as well….70-346 blog was awesome.. And this one rocks too!

    Thank you very much.

  16. Hi Anders which link should i study for 70-347 exam in this blog. i really need to pass the exam. thank you.

  17. Hi Anders
    ive heard that there will be changes in the exam that will include newly released features? will you be updating the above to address these changes? thanks

  18. Hi Anders

    I’m studying for this exam and plan to take it in June. I’ve heard the exam is going to change to include all the newly released features. Would you be updating this list to reflect this?


      1. In case JK and others didn’t find it already, the changes to the exam content JK mentions are now referenced in a document linked on the MS 70-347 exam description page.

        That link being:

        Click to access OD_70-347_changes.pdf

        Similar one available on the 70-346 page.

        No more Project Online, Excel Services, Visio Services, App Store. But half a dozen other topics to pick up on. Wonder if the Microsoft Press Exam Reference book will get an update?

  19. Thanks Anders managed to pass my 70-346 with your help 🙂

    I was hoping work experience and brief study about 20 hours would get me through 70-347 but got 550. More study for me. Noticed a lot of questions around the new changes to exam.

      1. Passed my 70-347 today with 754 🙂 Was very happy.

        One thing I didn’t study for which caught me off guard was Azure multi-factor auth.

        Not sure what exam to do next..

    1. Hi Jordan, You should work with Office 365 at lest in lab also. Some things at the exam is really much more easy if you have actually done some “clicking”

      Also, the content is a bit old, so please have a read through the comments, check out the exam homepage and some Binging to be safe 🙂

  20. Do the questions for 70-347 exam also come with objectives from 70-346? Brain is at full capacity. Trying to see if I can focus solely on 70-347 objectives.

    1. I studied specifically for each, but each to their own some people like to study for both and sit them at the same time.

      So yes, you can solely focus on 70-347.

      I happy to find out after doing just one SharePoint 2013 exam I ended up with a MCSE Productivity along with the MCSA Office 365.

  21. Much like my prep for 70-346, I used these links as a basis for my study and I passed 70-347 today giving me the MCSA in O365! \o/ Comparing this to 346 I found the questions to be easier although the case studies I was given were somewhat tricky. Got hit with a fair number of compliance / archiving questions and some on Skype cloud PBX/voice calling so make sure those are understood. Cheers!

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