About me

By reading the blog name, you probably already know my name, so I skip that. I work at EVRY Norway as Technical Lead, where my focus is on the amazing Cloud. I’m also an MCT as of November 2014, and my third title would be P-TSP at Microsoft Norway. So yes, I’m a Microsoft geek.

My hobby is to continue doing what I did before dinner; Playing around with clouds.

As you can see by all my Reading lists, I’m one of those who love reading and taking certifications. Feel free to use them in your own studying.

I am also eager to help answer any technology questions you have, and especially cloud-related stuff.

Feel free to send me questions in the form below, or contact me on Skype, and I’ll try to answer you as soon as possible. I may make blog posts about it, but then any identifiable information would of course be removed 🙂

Some places to contact

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